The Swordfish Story  
We started operations in March 2011, and it has been an epic ride ever since. Apart from the intensive
brainstorming sessions, heated discussions and numerous cups of Chai, what has really made us tick is our
rhapsodic fervor to creatively satisfy our clients. With well thought-out strategies, we have been able to employ effective tactics to ensure that our clients enjoy the optimal exposure for their marketing spends.

We owe a huge thanks to our clients for joining us on this enriching journey and hope to get several
opportunities to take up diverse challenges in the years to come.

Our journey has just begun and we believe that best is yet to come.
Walk with us through our timeline below and learn more about our past and
to know where we are headed for the future!
  Swordfish Timeline  
  Core Philosophy  
Swordfish’s core philosophy revolves around the conceiving of newfangled concepts that enable brands to set themselves apart from the rest. The journey from strategy, conceptualisation, visualisation, development to the delivery of a path breaking solution for a client is what excites us. 
What we believe can steer you through any challenging ride is the culmination of creative ideologies
and their renditions in the most felicitous possible manner. 

We also believe that to churn out creative ideas, one must be just themselves, relaxed and comfortable,
hence we may appear very relaxed in our approach, but you will see the hi-voltage in the work we do.

We at Swordfish are looking for ingenious minds with an eye for detail, a will to learn and a knack for designing, writing and conceptualising.
If you think you have what we are looking for, we’d love to hear from you.

Drop in a hi at:
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The Swordfish Story
Swordfish Timeline
Core Philosophy
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